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morally grey all the way.

The Actives: A Whedonland Dollhouse Group
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we love our inapproprate starches.

In order to sign your five year contract with us, you must be a member of whedonland. Once you join there, and are put into our community, you will be given an invitation from theactives, and then you can join in on the fun. Please be patient, it may take a day before you get an invitation, if it has been more then that please PM afrocurl, juliet42, latin_lunatic, OR xmaidelx, the mods here, and they will send you one asap.

Once you join this group, please feel free to introduce yourself here, and chat with other Joss/Dollhouse fans, also please be sure to check out the rules.

POINT COUNT: We are currently the CHAMPIONS of the second apocalypse!!!
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"The Actives, bringing sexy back, stealin ur Barney gifs, not seeing 'The Reader', and bringing 'morally gray' back into everyday convo since 2009"

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